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Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself or put yourself in new and uncomfortable situations.   Remain adaptable yet persistent, and you can achieve your goals.
Jeevaka Kiriella
Associate Director, Quantitative Sciences - Global Data Science
I’ve had opportunities to explore datasets computationally and then see the results of such analyses on patient care.  It’s humbling to be able to work on these projects and know that in the future they can make a difference for someone.
Dr. Cory Haley White
Associate Principle Scientist
At our company, there’s an enthusiasm around data science innovation to proactively inform critical and strategic business decisions aligned to our purpose. We continuously level-up as we continue to invest in machine learning platforms and programming options for data scientists.
Valerie Coddington
Associate Director, Vaccines & Chronic Care Analytics, US Market Data, Analytics & Insights

Every day there are new challenges arising in business. We are leveraging data and analytics to turn challenges to opportunities.
Li Gan
Supply Chain Management Analytics Lead
To improve patients’ access to best care through data-driven innovation is what I do every day!
Yearn Li
Associate Director, Outcomes Research
Real-world Data Analytics & Innovation 2
Data analytics is a vast science. It is important we strive to learn more every day, and that we boldly share our knowledge and expertise with others. This leads to the best quantitative decision making, which ensures we are delivering high-quality medicines for patients.
Geoffrey Johnson, PhD
Associate Director, Outcomes Research

We are all usually in need of assistance, to help us contribute to making and offering high-quality medicines and here, you will always find someone, somewhere, willing to help you. That’s a “employment benefit” you can’t put a price on.
Joseph Cunliffe, Sr., MBA, PMP
Senior Specialist, US Data Steward
Our company is all about collaborations and breaking down barriers. I am encouraged every day to think and push new ideas forward and collaborate not just internally but also externally with other companies and academic institutions. The job is empowering and presents a lot of opportunities to meet with industry leaders and experts. We are integrated deeply within the scientific community and there’s always an opportunity to work with the cutting edge of healthcare data science.
Weilin Meng
Director, Data Science and Outcomes Research

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