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Research & Development
​​​We aspire to be the premier research-driven biopharmaceutical company. Our research laboratories are truly state of the art research facilities, enabling our people to discover and invent. In both small and large molecule research, our scientists collaborate on the “next big breakthroughs” in medicine, bringing hope to patients worldwide.
RD Clinical
Clinical Research Our Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance teams push the boundaries of global healthcare through research and innovation. Through clinical trials and surveillance, we ensure the safety and efficacy of our existing and pipeline products to produce safe, effective, innovative medicine.
MRL Med Affairs
 Global Medical & Scientific Affairs
Our Global Medical & Scientific Affairs teams engages with industry leaders and medical experts to share the scientific value of our current and pipeline products. We connect, communicate and train internal employees to ensure we all understand the science behind our medicine.
MRL Research
Research Our Research Scientists are our Inventors. We identify and target steps in disease mechanisms or pathways that could be inhibited or enhanced. Our goal is to isolate a compound that is effective against a disease target. Using innovative thinking, state-of-the-art facilities and robust scientific methodology, we collaborate to discover the next medical breakthrough.
MRL - Development
Development Our Development teams ensure production can be scaled up whilst remaining stable, effective, deliverable and safe. Following formulation, cutting edge computer modelling techniques are used to simulate outcomes and, if successful, PKPD and toxicity studies bring the science one step closer to giving hope to patients.
Quantitative Sciences
Our Quantitative Sciences teams use big data to analyze the safety and efficacy claims of our potential medical breakthroughs. We review the quality and reliability of clinical studies using deep scientific knowledge, statistical analysis and high-quality data to support decision making in clinical trials.
Reg Affairs R&D
Regulatory Affairs Our Regulatory Affairs teams bring new medical advancements to the world by facilitating communications and procedures that allow swift, organized compliance across regulatory agencies. We are an international network on the leading-edge of healthcare breakthroughs that help provide new, reliable, and compliant medical products, practices and solutions to the world.
Reg Affairs R&D
Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences
BARDS is a highly distinguished department within our renowned research and development division.  As esteemed members of world-class drug and vaccine development teams, we partner with other disciplines in the strategic design of our discovery and development programs and provide statistical analysis, reporting and data interpretation to enable informed decision-making.

How We Invent

Our R&D Process Determined to transform breakthrough science into novel therapeutic options.

MRL Our Work
Our Work Explore our work to address many of the world's unmet medical needs.

MRL Our Pipeline
Pipeline Our pipeline provides an overview of our late-stage clinical development programs and is updated quarterly.
R&D Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials New treatment and prevention options are dependent upon a rigorous clinical trial process.

MRL Post Doc
The MRL Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program Our Research & Development (MRL) Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program aims to be a best-in-industry experience for postdoctoral researchers, providing an academic focus in a commercial environment. With the resources, reach, and expertise of a large bio-pharmaceutical environment, MRL postdocs are positioned to excel in an institution committed to breakthrough innovation in research and discovery.
MRL Locations
Research & Development Locations We are inspired by the belief that a research-driven enterprise dedicated to scientific excellence and fearless problem solving can create medicines and vaccines that can save and improve lives. Our R&D network operates and collaborates within leading bio-pharmaceutical ecosystems, including the San Francisco Bay area, California; Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts; New Jersey; Pennsylvania and Canada. 
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