Genome & Biomarker Sciences

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The Genome and Biomarker Sciences (GBx) unit advances targets rooted in human genetics and genomics. We invest in innovative genomic and biomarker technologies for maximal pipeline impact. We leverage disease-relevant tissue samples to identify and apply genomic and protein biomarkers to inform clinical decision-making and exploratory research. Our goal is to translate the best human genetic targets into actionable biology.

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We operate 24/7 across:

Geographic regions: Asia Pacific, Europe,
​​​​​​​and North America 
MSD sites, including all four discovery research hubs in Boston, Cambridge, London, ​​​​​​​and San Francisco

Worldwide operations​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Human genetics helps to bring medications to life by leveraging:
  • Genetic targets
  • Functional genomics
  • Profiling and biomarkers
  • Data science and operations

Our organization​​​​​​​​​​​​

GBx's interconnected functions collaborate to drive the discovery of clinical trial process forward:
  • Early Discovery Genetics and Genetics London – Leverages the power of human - validated genetic targets, large well-curated clinical trial datasets, and data derived from partnerships collected around the world
  • Genome Sciences – Establish and deploy functional genomics platforms to enable high-throughput biology 
  • Discovery and Clinical Pharmacogenomics – Leverages high-through genetic and genomic technologies to discover and validate meaningful biomarkers
  • Integrated Operations – Provides operational excellence to efficiently execute on genomic biomarkers in all clinical trials
  • Profiling and Expression – Provides tissue-based analysis of human disease and model systems to enable mechanistic target validation, proof-of-activity and biomarker strategies 
  • Oncology Genomics and Analytics – Apply analytics to pre-clinical and clinical oncology data
  • Translational Molecular Biomarkers – Develop, validate, and deploy biomarker assays for all therapeutic areas and all stages of clinical development 
  • Pacific Translational Biomarkers – Develop and deploy molecular and imaging biomarkers to enable early clinical development or reverse translation; leverage Singapore external collaborations to advance our pipeline

Hear from our employees who help to save and improve lives every day​​​​​​​

Our GBx department provides the continued focus on career development, opportunity for innovative contributions to our pipeline, and empowerment to be strategic leaders in
the company.
Gowri Murthy
Gowri Murthy 
Senior Principle Scientist, Genomics Policy
During my interview, I was immediately impressed by the amazing blend of scientific rigor, desire to help patients, and growth and mentorship opportunities that were present at this company. These key points are why I continue to enjoy coming to work every day and being a member of GBx and our company’s family. 
Marc Alexander Sze
Associate Principle Scientist, Bioinformatics, Pre-Clinical Analytics ​​​​​​​
Every day I am inspired by our scientific culture and strong drive to innovate therapeutics for our patients. In the GBx team we leverage cutting-edge genomic technologies and analytics to discover promising drug targets.
Aleksandra Olow
Associate Principle Scientist, Computational Biology
I love that in my role in GBx I get to keep up with cutting-edge science from academia and work towards leveraging these findings for future therapeutics.
Neha Raghavan
Senior Scientist, Genome and Biomarker Sciences

How we work

Our guiding principles​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Leverage genomic, biomarkers, and tissue-based capabilities to impact drug discovery and program decision-making 
  • Advance targets rooted in human genetics and genomics 
  • Invest in innovative tools and technologies for maximal pipeline impact 
  • Leverage disease-relevant tissue samples to identify and apply genetic, genomic and protein biomarkers to inform clinical decision making and exploratory research 

Making GBx a great place to work​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

GBx fosters a positive, flexible workplace that is diverse, inclusive, and collaborative. Our organization supports colleagues through each phase of their careers, from onboarding to training and development and provides resources for working remotely, staying well, volunteering, and more. We are passionate about our people and offer programs to build future talent and help our employees grow and develop in their careers:
  • Internship program 
  • Two-year minimum post-doctoral fellowship programs 
  • Virtual career fair 
  • Year-long mentoring program 
  • Short-term rotational assignments

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