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We’re united in our passion to help improve lives— it’s at the heart of everything we do. It’s also the inspiration behind our Re-Invent Program. Partnering with the STEM Re-Entry Task Force, co-led by the Society of Women Engineers and iRelaunch, it’s a six-month paid returnship for experienced professionals ready to return to work after a break of two years or more.

We place a high value on the skills and experiences gained during your break. In fact, alternative thinkers and explorers are especially welcome, as we proudly foster a culture of curiosity and we’re always open to new ideas. So, whether you took a career break to follow a passion, start a family, or serve your country, if you’re ready to return and embrace a new you, Re-Invent can help make it happen.
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Hear what our program sponsors have to say

Our Re-Invent Program is perfect for experienced professionals looking to return to work after a break. They get to develop transferrable skills, build confidence and networks, and we get the benefit of experienced professionals sharing new and diverse perspectives.

Karin Shanahan
Karin Shanahan, Senior Vice President, Global Biologics & Sterile Operating Unit

The Re-Invent Program provides a unique career opportunity for both employee and employer. It enables re-integration into the workforce through a highly structured program of acculturation, sponsorship, and position assignment. The organization benefits from the skills, capabilities, diverse ideas, and perspectives to positively drive business outcomes.

Paula Alston, Associate Vice President, Engineering - Global Workplace & Enterprise Services

Our Re-Invent Program is a win for all. Professionals who are re-entering the workforce re-integrate in a supportive environment, developing new capabilities while sharpening familiar ones. And this re-entry allows them to re-imagine themselves in the workplace. We get the benefit of their diversity in the form of their perspectives, experiences, skills, and insights. And this situation creates wins for patients and our business.

Michael Thien, Senior Vice President, Executive Sponsor

Meet one of our Re-Invent hiring managers

Hiring manager and mentor for our Re-Invent Program, Kristen O'Neill, shares her first-hand experience of returning to the workplace after an extended break.
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Salima's successful comeback

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Salima returned to the workforce 12 years ago, after a five-year career break to raise a family. Having graduated with a BS degree in Genetic Engineering, she landed her first job as a biochemist with us back in 2002. In addition to the immeasurable experience and skills that come with raising three young children, Salima picked up a range of transferrable skills during her break. Today, she is back with us and is currently an Associate Director in Global Supplier Quality Management. She also played a key role in helping us shape our Re-Invent Program.
What's been the best thing about your comeback?

Just one year after returning, I was offered an amazing opportunity to move to our brand new, state-of-the-art, research labs in NJ. This opportunity came about due to a company restructure and, as a result, I was able to make a significant contribution to the development of a new oncology treatment. While it meant uprooting my family from PA, everything about it felt right and it’s turned out to be the most gratifying and notable moment of my career, by far.
How has your experience helped in the development of the Re-Invent Program?

Having a seat at the table to help shape our Re-Invent Program is a privilege. I always felt that the limited support and acceptance for non-traditional careers that I experienced leaves an untapped talent pool for employers. So, helping ensure that returners feel valued, and that we set the right expectations as a company to be successful with this program, feels like progress. Today, returnships are more important than ever, with pressures on families, particularly women, increasing due to the impact of Covid-19. It's important that we are open to those wanting to return to work.
What advice would you give to someone considering a comeback today?

Don't be afraid of rejection or being asked the dreadful question around the time lapse on your resume. Be confident, intentional, and transparent when talking about your experiences and skills gained during your gap years. Most importantly, follow your intuition, as it already knows where you want to be.
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Start your comeback today

We have opportunities to Re-Invent across the following business areas: Manufacturing, Global Workplace & Enterprise Services (GWES), and Global Supplier Management Group (GSMG). Don’t worry if you do not have experience in the pharmaceutical industry, as we very much welcome the new perspectives you’ll bring to our culture and thinking. Click the link below to apply and to find out all you need to know about the program, including entry requirements. 

Insights from returners and hiring managers

After spending over a decade at this company, life took me and my family in a different and unexpected direction. For a time, I stepped away from the company and the work that I loved, pursuing a completely different calling in my life. I eventually re-entered the workforce here after a six-year break. When I came back, I found our company to be even more welcoming to me, a "returner." What's more, my time and experience away from the company was seen as an asset—a welcome part of my personal and employment story. Today, I'm proud to be associated with Re-Invent, helping to shape an exciting program that will help others confidently return to our workforce.

Tim Shultz, Associate Director - Global Technical Operations
​​​​​​​Sterile & Validation Center of Excellence

Twelve years ago, I decided to re-enter the workforce after a five-year gap. At first, I was uncertain about the support I would receive from my non-traditional career path, but I found that acceptance here. Today, I have the privilege to help shape our first returnship program and ensure that we set ourselves up to be successful in supporting those who are also ready to return.

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Salima Mody, Associate Director, Global Supplier Quality Management

Re-Invent virtual interviewing tips from our recruiters

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